September 21st: Rompecabeza @ Fiese Remise, Berlin Kreuzberg

August 30th, 2013

We’re very much looking forward to having another one of our infamous little get-togethers coming up at our beloved Fiese Remise, performing artists will be:

Andomat 3000 (Cadenza)
René Bourgeois (Supdub)
Miro Pajic (Items & Things)
Tim Xavier (Facetoface)
Nils Ohrmann (Arms & Legs)
Samuel Fach (Tonkind)

Amselcom Duky – The World Is Yours – Miro Pajic Remix

August 8th, 2013

The latest from Deep Tech Records came in the form of a 3 track release entitled “The World Is Yours”. Creating music which carries a message of freedom and escapism is a fundamental concept for Deep Tech Records who pride themselves on being nonconformist and liberated. The track we’ve chosen to focus on is the remix by Miro Pajic, a veteran in the Techno scene whose career spans over 20 years. After accidentally discovering Techno back in ’91, he hasn’t looked back since and has delved into many different styles of electronica. With this record Miro keeps things at a steady pace which guides listeners through a trail of build-ups and drops. The track is smooth and dubby, and filled Pajic’s signature ‘sly-hats’ (which is a term I saw coined by a Soundcloud member to describe his usage of hi-hats). It all comes together to create a slightly eery but perfectly tuned audio adventure which bears testament to Miros’ ingenuity in the studio. We have recently had the pleasure of working with Miro, so watch this space for his future releases on Amselcom.

Rompecabeza News August 2013

August 1st, 2013

here our news about Miro Pajic (Items & Things, Lazerslut) presenting his latest productions and releases:

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Rompecabeza News July 2013

July 20th, 2013


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Rompecabeza News May 2013

May 6th, 2013

here our news about Raudive aka Oliver Ho presenting his latest productions and releases:

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Daniel Steinberg’s Album Treptow on cover of DJ Mag

April 1st, 2013

… DJ Mag presents Daniel Steinbergs Album with an Exclusive stream of Daniel Steinberg’s ‘Treptow’ album, out now on Arms & Legs – listen here!

Another great review the album “Treptow” received from Sixty Magazine

‘this is the kind of long player that you can’t switch off from; you need to hear what’s going to happen next!… Can’t wait to hear if someone comes up with better in 2013: Album of the year?’

Rompecabeza News March 2013

March 27th, 2013

here our latest news about Daniel Steinberg’s album release “TREPTOW” out now on Arms & Legs Recordings

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Rompecabeza News February 2013

February 20th, 2013

here our latest news about Miro Pajic & Sweetn.Candy

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Daniel Steinberg “Can’t Find My Baby” EP

January 16th, 2013

A-1. Can’t Find My Baby
B-1. Can’t Find My Baby (Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster Remix)
B-2. True Romance

Release: 25 February, 2013
Label: Arms & Legs
Distribution: Word & Sound
Cat No: A&L011

Following a string of successful solo EPs in 2012 including ‘Joy and Happiness’, the title track of which was made Track of the Day on Beatport, Daniel Steinberg returns with ‘Can’t Find My Baby’, the first single from his upcoming sophomore album ‘Treptow’ due in March. Staying true to his ethos of producing infectious, personality-packed electronic music that’s a world away from so much of the cookie cutter house and techno that exist throughout club land, Steinberg has emerged with a record shimmering with real heart and feeling. Combining crisp tech house beats, with the analogue style warmth of keys and trumpet, together with hook-ridden vocal samples, the Berlin DJ/producer has created a track filled to the brim with his signature soul and playfulness while retaining a definite dance floor sensibility.
Due for release on Arms & Legs, the label Steinberg founded in 2011 alongside fellow Berliner Nils Ohrmann, the package also includes a smooth, stripped back re-rub from Sascha Braemer & Dan Caster that takes the cut into more instrumental territory. As an added bonus, Steinberg is also sharing ‘True Romance’, a silky string house cut that exemplifies his affection for classical influences and the breadth of his musical palette.
For more press info contact Clare Dickins:

Rompecabeza News December 2012

December 10th, 2012

Daniel Steinberg – Martin Eyerer – Kotelett & Zadak

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Rompecabeza Showcase @ M.I.K.Z. Berlin, November 2nd 2012

October 25th, 2012

BERMUDA 2012: From October 31st until November 3rd the electronic music scene gathers once again to celebrate Berlin’s lively clubs and their culture. Rompecabeza likes to invite you for their very own showcase at M.I.K.Z. Berlin on Friday November 2nd 2012 presenting:

Daniel Steinberg (Arms & Legs, Frontroom)
Kotelett & Zadak (Rompecabeza, Rotary Cocktails)
Holgi Star (Rompecabeza, Kiddaz)
Samuel Fach (Symbiont-Music, Tonkind)

Rompecabeza # 16: Dave Shokh “Ancient Valentient”

October 25th, 2012

Next up on Rompecabeza we delve into the world of Techhouse again, with a powerful and melodic release from producer Dave Shokh. Three danceable tracks, full of emotions and superhuman excellence, keeping everyone moving.

Vinyl & Digital Release: Nov 2nd 2012

Rompe Total! @ Fiese Remise Berlin, October 5th 2012

September 28th, 2012

For Friday, October 5th 2012, we like to invite you all for a cosy and intimate party at the infamous Fiese Remise in Berlin. We have a birthday to celebrate and alongside will perform:

HOLGI STAR (Rompecabeza, Kiddaz)
MIRO PAJIC live (Items & Things, Lazerslut)
DAVE SHOKH (Rompecabeza, D!polter)
SAMUEL FACH (Tonkind, Symbiont-Music)

Facebook Event
Resident Advisor Event

Kotelett and Zadak release new remix on Re:Sender Volume#1

September 6th, 2012

artwork-kzWell- established label Sender Records treats us with a new concept series. Re:Sender puts the most conscise cornerstones of their history through remixes in a contemporary context. Kotelett and Zadak are amongst the worthy remixers of the Sender classics.

Vinyl release: 24.09.2012

Soundcloud link: Minimal Man´s  Plastic Smile Remix

Tony Rohr strikes again: 3 tracks on recent Hybrid release

August 30th, 2012

tony-rohr-hybrid-ep1H-Productions Recombination Sequence series is the third part of a trilogy of compilation concepts that the label has launched in 2012. This nine-track compilation brings together the combined talents of an array of established and emerging talent. Tony Rohr participates in 3 of those tracks: “Midwest Pressure”, “El Capo”, “The Shuffle Cycle”.

Tony Rohr & Dustin Zahn “Midwest Pressure” (Original Mix)
“The Shuffle Cycle” in Adam Beyer´s Drumcode Radio Show
Beatport: Tony Rohr & Alexi Delano “EL Capo”